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BIOS Tweaking - Offsite Link

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For those of you curious about some of the more obscure BIOS settings:
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Post by Toby B. »

Wow that is some interesting stuff!!! Thanks for the link hardware junkie.

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Post by greedy »

thank you Hardware Junkie, you have made a good forum even better.
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yea i'll prolly go play with this $%^[email protected]# and blow up my mobo, heh thanks!

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Post by len444 »

:idea: this is a good site for bios optimization guide:

edit: changed link to one that works
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Thanks for the info all....

Post by dougall »


Thanks for the many interesting links. Not being a tech grad I will take some time to fathom some of it out. I also came across two very interesting links re Athlon processor Bios Settings and voltages. ... 7300953865

Hope they help someone on this forum get an ounce extra via BIOS.
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Post by NascarFool »

Here's "The Definitive BIOS Optimization Guide" from Adrian's Rojak Pot.
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Post by geh1 »

All good informative sites,. Helps take the guess work out. Should save time on thye old trial and error method Thanks. "G"
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Post by quietriot »

Thanks for posting these links. Looks like there's a fair amount of reading to do before submitting my questions.
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