HP Photosmart C4250 All in One "not Detected" ***SOLVED**

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HP Photosmart C4250 All in One "not Detected" ***SOLVED**

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So my HP Photosmart C4250 All in One printer is out of ink again. I buy the same HP 74/75 ink I always do. For the best price I get it at my local Wallyworld.

I go to remove the old ink cartridges and install the new ones like normal. Instead of loading up normally, I get this message:

"Print Cartridge Missing or not Detected" :o PDT_Armataz_01_19

I try removing them, and installing them again. Turning the printer off, unplugging it, etc. All the usual suggestions found on HP's website.

What do I need to do to fix this problem? How do I get rid of the "Print Cartridge Missing or not Detected" ??

On the HP website it mentioned something about resetting the printer before/after each print job. :( :o WTH ? I'm not going to be doing that all the time.

Is there a proper fix for this problem? If not can I get recommendations for a new printer/copier/scanner?


After a few hours of sleep, I tried to reseat the Print Cartridges. I got the same message: "Print Cartridge Missing or not Detected" :(

So I tried another search on Google for a remedy. I didn't find an exact solution for my printer, but I found one for HP C4580 Printer

I followed the instructions the best I could for this different model. The first time I managed to get the test page to print. But it went back to the
"Print Cartridge Missing or not Detected". :( I tried a second time, and this time it worked. :) I turned off my printer, and back on to see if the change stuck, and it did. :D

Problem solved after a bit of rest, my Google Fu is still strong.
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