small computers

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small computers

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Trying to get this post in but running into issues here? Wanted to know about the small micro computers from folks that have actually used them. What features or computer power is lacking from them as compared to full sized tower PC's
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Re: small computers

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Main thing is graphic capabilities. The newer Ryzen based ones are a lot better, but like most small PC's the graphics is the bottleneck. If you are a content creator or gamer, a normal PC is the way (more power, better graphics to run everything). Mini PC's are good for web surfing, watching content and have a really low power footprint, so can be left on all the time. To keep the power levels down, I use Linux over windows as it's a lot quicker and uses less RAM and drive space. Most if not all mini PC's have room for a NVMe SATA interfaced SSD, which is lower power and quick. I have a few of these small PC's lying around, Intel NUC's, ASrRocks NUC, and some old legacy ones (more to thin Client) that can run KODI, be a web/print server and so on..
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