Back-Up SSD

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Back-Up SSD

Post by c327 »

I have been using a platter type 250 gb external HDD as a back-up to some files and folders on my laptop. I have a Samsung 500 gb SSD that I had original intentions of using as a back up devise but never switched over to it. You would have thought I would have thought about my next question before this but I didn't :(

Maybe 3 times a year I move updated folders off the laptop to this platter type HDD but its a pain in the butt moving all the different folders and files. Is there a way I can keep the SSD connected to my laptop all the time and have it set up so that it automatically copies my laptops HDD as I use the computer?


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Re: Back-Up SSD

Post by evasive »

It's called scheduled backups and there's free software for that
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