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Mozilla Browser

Post by c327 »

I have used IE, Google, Google Chrome in that order. I would like to here from folks that have used Google Chrome and then switched to Mozilla as their browser. In light of the news regarding Google snooping etc. I'm thinking of switching to Mozilla but would like to here fro users of Mozilla and what they think of it as compared to Google Chrome. Is one really that different than the other. Can Mozilla be used with an Apple iPad? Can Google Gmail be used with Mozilla ?

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Re: Mozilla Browser

Post by evasive »

Can Mozilla be used with an Apple iPad? ... d989804926
Can Google Gmail be used with Mozilla ?
So far I have had no issues using Firefox for Gmail. Sometimes a hiccup occurs:
But usually that is crud in your profile from long time not cleaning up.

In general Firefox should be comparable as it is using the same rendering engine as Chrome does these days.

If you feel a bit more adventureous: ... r-firefox/
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