BDUBDC-- good work!

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BDUBDC-- good work!

Post by lannaheim »

And thanks also to LastPass, because it remembered my password for this site when I couldn't, because I haven't been on in a while. (See below...)

My folding stats are really crummy compared to my high of 14 or 15, although I'm about to fix that. But meanwhile, I'd just like to say two things. Why is this site so sluggish now -- where'd everyone go (including me)? And congrats to BdubDC.
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Re: BDUBDC-- good work!

Post by Karlsweldt »

Good that you are back with us!
I have been doing [email protected] with a GTX460 for several months.. and my rank is now in the upper 20s.
Have been posting monthly scores for our "top 10" Forum folders.
Hope you get back into "the fold". Our team is slipping in rank. A lot of Forum members have stopped [email protected]
Maybe the main reason is the process of GPU folding. Any other use of the system causes the process to idle.
This means you may need a semi-dedicated system. Mine is. Plus my "main" system for other uses.
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