Motherboard w/ Serial Port and PCI Slot

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Motherboard w/ Serial Port and PCI Slot

Postby ynot73 » Sat Jul 27, 2013 12:00 pm

The computer (Dell Optiplex GX620) we have to manage our Xray images is holding on by a thread (fatal disk errors). Technical support for Xray suggest new PC. Here are are the specs need by Xray PCI fiber optic board card and software:



The latest versions of acquisition software have a 2GB minimum. With ram prices so low there really isn't a good excuse not to just max out the system with 4GB of ram.
The acquisition workstation communicates with the digital receptor using a serial port connection. For this reason a serial port should be present on the PC's motherboard.
While a USB/Serial adapter could be used instead there have been reports of sporadic compatibility issues in the field.
PCI Slot (Not PCI express)
The motherboard requires a PCI slot in order to accommodate a proprietary PCI fiber optic card from the detectors manufacturer.
The height of the PCI card (4.5”) is such that a “low-profile” desktop case would be too small, a full size desktop should be used.

MUST BE 32- bit (x86) OS

Whether going with “Windows 7” or sticking with XP the Operating system will have to be 32-bit.
Drivers for the PCI fiber optic board have not been validated for use with a 64-bit OS.
Windows Administrative User Account
The acquisition software requires the Windows user account be an administrator in order to function properly.
It is advised that the acquisition station not be joined to a domain
Windows 7
The latest versions of Sirius(1.7.159) and Magellan(3.8.387) are both validated for use on Windows 7.
Older versions of these software’s have not been tested/validated on Windows 7.
All versions of the software can and function well on Windows XP.
If you are using Windows 7 make sure that “Windows UAC” is disabled prior to Sirius/Magellan’s installation.

The Xray files are about 30MB each.

Considering building my own PC for this from the ground up.

Is there a current motherboard that will satisfy the above requirements? Is there a site that I can plug in these spec to search for a motherboard?
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Postby evasive » Sun Jul 28, 2013 10:34 pm

Use an add-in card for the serial port if the motherboard does not have one.

What is the budget for the machine?
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