White and Yellow wires in NMB-MAT fan

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Postby mxmone » Fri Nov 30, 2012 3:28 pm

Thanks for links. One of them leads to FAS (I have DS14) but I found this: http://www.andovercg.com/datasheets/net ... -guide.pdf In PDF there is no word about fans in PSU ;) Problem with fan? Replace whole PSU :P
I also know about nmbtc.com site. That's why I know all about cables and signals in fan. Yellow cable is PWM, but this is not a PWM from normal computer. He has 200Hz... Standard PWM have 25kHz (from PDF specs). But to find out what are the real shapes of signals I must buy oscilloscope. On ebay costs only 75,80$ DSO201 ;) I do not have to have a very good oscilloscope. This toy will do the job :)
Fans I intend to mount, are very quiet. This is Nocuta so even at full speed they will run quieter than previous fans at low speed.
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