Monitor size/resolution/refresh rate

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Monitor size/resolution/refresh rate

Postby TheDezzi55 » Tue Oct 16, 2012 2:34 am

hey im looking to buy a new gaming monitor (250-300 price range but 350 if its very good) and have recently found out that screens over 24inces rarely have refresh rates over 60Hz when run at 1080p or higher. i also found out that screens at 27 inch can look blurry or pixelated when only at 1080p, especially since i sit about 50-60 cm from the screen. i am getting a nvidia gtx 660 ti and basically just wanted to know what my best options are.
1. is 27" too big for 50-60 cm away / will it look pixelated
2. i plan on running fast paced games (bf3/cod etc) and wanted to know if going down to 24" at 80Hz and above will make a difference
3. do you have any recommendations for my price range? (ideally under 300 but im fine with 350 if thats what i need to get what i need for my type of games) ps. i live in Australia so i believe that my options are slightly more limited to other places due to the small size of the market and usually things are priced high
any help would be appreciated thanks :)
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Postby Karlsweldt » Tue Oct 16, 2012 5:25 am

Welcome to!
By a general rule, you should never view a monitor from less than twice its diagonally measured distance. This was very true with older CRT models, as they emitted dangerous X-ray fields.. and could cause illness. But modern LCD monitors do not have this fault. Still, best to adhere to this rule.. to avoid the eye movements required to view the entire image.
Most modern monitors and TV sets have higher refresh rates, above 80 Hz.. some up to 120 Hz. But in that range, the video source must provide those images without delay, or 'stuttering' and flickering can occur.
As to pixel size, check this WIKI link. The triad of color dots used to create each pixel are uniform in size, but with larger monitors, several pixel groups can be combined to create the larger-screen images, instead of a single pixel group of small screens.
A CRT relies on electrostatic-focused electron beams to create a good image.. if that beam spreads to other pixels, then blurring is common. But with LCD screens, there is no "focus" control. It is always at optimum.
For most TV broadcasts, the now-common trend is progressive scanning.. where an entire screen image is presented at one pass. The older method of interlaced scanning presented odd lines on one pass, then even lines on the next.. which can cause eye strain, if too much "TV time" is had. The refresh rate was 60 Hz for interlaced scan lines.. meaning one composite image every 30 seconds. Inherent flicker!
As to screen size, you could use a 60" screen.. wall-mounted, but would need to be at least 3 meters (10 feet) away for proper viewing. With a 24" or so monitor, at least 1 meter (3 feet) would be recommended.
Our eyes may process a video image of scenery without movement, but for text, they have to focus on each word for a split second!
Recommendations? Check local store displays, choose the model that appears best to you. All of that model type should have identical video performance. But remember, those displays are usually enhanced to draw sales.
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Postby Roach412 » Tue Oct 16, 2012 7:38 am

i have a 24" asus, which i view from about an arm's legth away (i'm about 6'5"). i feel this is about the perfect distance for me - i get no eye fatigue since it's my near-optimal focal range for me.

as for pixelation, you need to look at the monitor's pixel measurements. some montiors have much more condensed pixels which will alleviate the grainy look. dell's ultrasharp models are a pretty good example.

i had a planar 27" a while back that i never had problems with - besides it's color was off for gaming and i just couldn't correct it (gave it to my parents and they love it).

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