LAPTOP BUYING ADVICE Which gives better gaming performance?

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LAPTOP BUYING ADVICE Which gives better gaming performance?

Postby PC00B1O1 » Tue Jul 17, 2012 12:57 pm

Even though I'm well aware that laptop isn't for gaming, I still want to purchase one but having extreme difficulty deciding. It's either a amd A-10 4600m with hd 7730m or a intel i7 3610m with gt 650m. Both cards are 2gb. Which one should i get and judging from new knowledge i heard amd released trinity would that work with the amd specs i provided or should i stick with intel. Some benchmarks would be nice. Thanks guys.
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Postby super-6-1 » Sun Aug 12, 2012 1:12 pm

Hey there! As you i was looking for a gaming laptop because of school that is coming up very soon. I did some research and here is what i have found out with these 2 things.

The AMD a-10 is a APU which is AMD's hybrid cpu/gpu solution which from what i have found and tested is not the same quality or speed as a normal CPU. The intel i7 is much better in perfomance and overall easier to overclock.

Now with the GPU;s The 7730m is in the middle of the 640m and the 650m.

So in testing the 650m came out a little on top of the 7730m. I will say tho the 650m's do have better support of you are going to go to linux at any point in time and to me the 650m overall seems the best choose if you are going to do high end gaming like battlefield 3 or something around that. even lower end games will run 60+ easily on this card.

Try to avoid the 670m. it maybe a little more powerful but the power consumption is almost 2x compared to the 650m

I hope this helps!m also i will say the AMD/intel is really just a personal preference. To me, i have seen better performance out of intel over amd no matter what the situation is. AMD is more geared to gaming as intel is more of the over all computing scene from my testing.
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