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PostPosted: Sun May 12, 2002 7:23 pm 
Black Belt
Black Belt

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alrighty, lets see if you guys can help me with this how :). I got this as an email from a friend of mine, and I have no ideas about it really. so i'll copy and paste it to you, maybe one of you can figure it out. the spelling mistakes are his, not mine :)

I`m trying to establsih a wireless network (LAN) between 2 PC`s (it is
actually ad-hoc or peer-to -per network without a server or access point but
see 3).
1) a desktop , Win 98, a 10/100 ethernet card ( a cable model hooked on it),
a wireless USB network device Belkin.
2) an older notebook, Win 95, a wireless PC card (PCIMCIA) Belkin, too.
3) Next week I`m reieving a DSL/Cable Gateway Router.The idea was to have
file and printer sharing today and to add a shared Internet acces next week
with the gateway.

So I installed the two Belkin`s on each PC ( they seem to function normally
and to talk to each other) and got stuck with the network configuration.( I
tried every option possible except DNS, WINS and NetBios in configuration)
and crashed the cable Internet configuration several times. I never got a
reading of the other computer in the "Network Neighborhood".... I even
removed physically the 10/100 Network card from the desktop just to see what
happens, rhight?
The result was even worse - even its own (of the desktop) "Network
Neighborhood" ( its own drives I installed to share) become illisible and
showed error when browsed.
I have client of Microsoft Network installed on both computers , both
devices are TCP/IP addreessed in the network configuration , IP address is
authomatic etc.
On the desktop (Win 98) I used a configuring program SOHO and it produced a
floppy disk supposedly for confoguring the other PC (which can not use it
because SOHO requires Win 98) and I`m quoting here all it was in the file:

Do you think Microsoft Network is the wright choice? Second, I have no clue
about any other option of the configuration properties but TCP/IP, never
used them and do not know what they are for.
That is it. Now I buy ideas. Do you have any for sale?

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 Post subject: Networking...
PostPosted: Sun May 12, 2002 7:35 pm 
Mobo-fu Master
Mobo-fu Master

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Networking should be relatively easy.

Unique Computer name, but the workgroups need to be identical.

In Network you need to have Client for MS Networks, Your Ethernet Adapter and then some protocol for that adapter.
Netbeui should be really easy (and should require no setup at all) but I have not really used it.

Through TCP/IP all you should have to setup is the IP and Subnet masks.
192.168.0.<insert #1-254) and subnet mask of
Disable DNS and WINS. No Gateway (eventually you might need to set one up to help with the internet).
You should be able to find each other in network neighboorhood though.

I would recommend reinstalling the O/S, because of the problems you've had. Might affect future networking.

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