SIMM/DIMM motherboard

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SIMM/DIMM motherboard

Post by fabrikant »

I am using AT computer with Windows 98 and motherboard QDI EXPLORER IV (instruction is available if you Google this motherboard). I have presently two SIMM with 8 Meg each. Somebody gave me DIMM with 256 Meg. The manual of motherboard says that it can support maximum of 128 Meg. If I place this memory in DIMM2, would it work for at least 128 Meg or it would not accept it?

If the general answer is not, does there exist any trick to have it accept it?
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Re: SIMM/DIMM motherboard

Post by evasive »

First you need to find out if that DIMM is single-bank or double bank.

I am not seeing anything about ECC so that might be another challenge.

The absolute best you can expect is 128MB detected. That is a hardware limit. Nothing can be programmed/modified/added/soldered to change that.

What is the make and model of that DIMM? Can you include the number of chips (per side and total) and any markings from the chips?
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