Hard Drive Cloning

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Hard Drive Cloning

Post by meppwc »

I am looking for a way to create a clone of my existing hard drive in the event that I want to do a re-image
i have several concerns:

1 - If I replace hardware on my existing machine such as hard drive, etc...........and then re-image using the clone file.............will it create difficulties with Microsoft registration?
2 - If I install a new hard drive............install a cloned image from the old hard drive.............will the software adjust to that hardware change?

I am just looking for an easy way to have a clean re installation if I fell it necessary. Cloning was the only method that I can think of. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
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Re: Hard Drive Cloning

Post by Mr T »

Best clean installation is to install from scratch - from experience, it is a pain, but has far less headaches than a clone that goes wrong.
With windows, always, always have a small drive for windows - 240Gb minimum which will run windows, allow it to update and leave room for loads of programs. Store everything elsewhere on a separate hard drive.

I have Steam, Nero, Office, Libre Office, GIMP, multiple browsers and various other programs running from my SSD. Photo's, video, downloads are stored separately on 3 internal hard drives, 4 external hard drives and two NAS servers for back up. Lost too much in the past.

To answer your questions, if you want to replace the hard drive windows 10 is OK. I downgraded from 1Tb to the 240Gb SSD, but clean installed (cloning wont work moving from a large drive to a smaller drive). I signed into my M$ account and all activated, updated etc. Then just reinstalled the software. Keep a note of key codes. Logged into Google and all my bookmarks updated.

New hardware, mainly motherboard is a different experience. If you re-image windows to a new motherboard that has different chipsets, it usually fails. It sometimes fails on graphics cards, but motherboard is key. If it re-images ok and then you may have an issue with activation and have to contact M$ who usually sort things out.

All above is for windows 10. Windows 7 and below is even worse, so I have stopped using them totally (awful, awful things).
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Re: Hard Drive Cloning

Post by kolias »

I know this is an old post but I will put my experience for the benefit of other members

As it was suggested, I keep my Windows 10 on the C;\Boot drive and everything else on my D:\.

I use Macrium Reflect as my backup software to image my C:\ and D:\ drives to an external USB HD. The software has also the option to clone a HD which I never used but I remember they say cloning to another PC with different hardware is possible. Perhaps this is an alternative
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