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Postby c327 » Mon May 29, 2017 11:08 pm

It's been a while (about a little more than 3 years) since I bought my first tablet, an iPad. Right off the bat it reminded me of one of my very first PC's a Dell. My experience with my Dell was a total nightmare of the company. Almost everything was proprietary and I see that with my Apple IPad.

While looking up the next version of the iPad I came across an article that said over the last few years the iPad has been going out of flavor and that the Android OS is more popular.

What I did find out from using the iPad is that it didn't pick up any nasties like my Windows XP did once in a while. What makes the Android OS so much better that buyers would favor tablets running it.? The same I guess holds true with iPhone smart phones.

Are tablets and smart phones running the Android OS subject to viruses like Windows are? If not the Android OS what makes the real reason that makes Android running tablets more popular than Apples? Is it the cost $$$$$ factor. No getting away from the fact that a new iPad can set one back $600 bucks if not more. Or is it something else which is my question here???
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Re: Tablets

Postby Mr T » Tue May 30, 2017 12:01 pm

Ipads still are by far the better tablets, hardware wise and operating system wise, however, as I believe you and I have found out, an ipad becomes less usful the older it is due to the advancing upgrade and complexity of the software.. IOS is still subject to bugs that some hackers try to take advantage of, but this is really rare due to the strict control of apps in the app store...

This brings me to Android, cheap, cheerful, buggy and more prone to malware/scareware/adware if the appropriate security measures are not taken. However the choice of hardware and app pricing is a whole lot better and the hardware is a lot cheaper - you get what you pay for. There are some really inexpensive tablets out there with good specs which is good if you are looking a 'throwaway' item.

Me, I use both - iOS is a lot better, but the cheapness and longevity of Android has pushed me to that on tablets and phones. I have a Samsung Tab 8" that runs Android 4.4.2 and all the new apps work on it and that suits me. My phone is a Chinese cheap make with a 5.5" screen and it works for me too. When I use my Ipad, graphics are better (better definition, less laggy and so on)..

If you want a web surfer with the odd film and to play games - go Android.. If you want HD, simple film/photo editing go Apple.. If you want low cost Android wins..

Forget Windows on a tablet - app support poor and it looks like it is goind down the drain!
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