How to reset BIOS startup password on TOSHIBA PROTEGE

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How to reset BIOS startup password on TOSHIBA PROTEGE

Postby lectrapon » Mon Dec 26, 2016 11:16 am

I made a mistake by creating my new boot password at the BIOS level. I mistakenly inserted a bad character.
How to reset my BIOS physically as I no longer have access to the BIOS menu. F1, F2 or DEL .... nothing works.
Here are the references of my motherboard:

Portégé R30-A-19P
Reference: PT343E-0P305LFR

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Re: How to reset BIOS startup password on TOSHIBA PROTEGE

Postby Karlsweldt » Mon Dec 26, 2016 3:52 pm

Topics such as "passwords" and "unlocking" features cannot be answered, on the Forum. This is due to lack of substantiated proof of ownership of the programming or device. If a Mod observes the thread as suspect, it will be locked. No help will be given for passwords or "unlocking" unless it is a general process with all systems. Certain programming discussions such as bit-torrent are not acceptable or condoned. If the question regards a general process similar to all systems, it may be allowed.

"Due to the lack of ownership verification of computers, and laptops we are no longer offering any form of support for lost/forgotten passwords. This goes for BIOS, Windows log in, etc.
ANY posts asking for help with removal or cracks to passwords will be deleted immediately.
Any questions on this new rule please feel free to PM or email me or one of the other moderators."
Thanks for your cooperation...
Toby B., Administrator.

The only suggestion here is to read the user manual, may be of some help. Or contact the service desk of the manufacturer.
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