PC failing to load up

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PC failing to load up

Post by venom »

Hi guys, hope you can help me. I have a PC that has decided to stop booting up. It will switch on, then reset within 30 seconds, I noticed the light on the video card would go on and off so the signal to the monitor would come and go. The video card is maybe18 months old, could it be this or maybe then power supply which is probably 8 years old ?

I tried swapping the 4 memory sticks but no joy, when it does try to boot, I can see CPU OK then memory OK, then kinda either starts again over or just switches off, HELP.
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Re: PC failing to load up

Post by Roach412 »

could you post the components you have? model numbers would be helpful in digging into what you've got to work with...

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Re: PC failing to load up

Post by Karlsweldt »

I would also give a good look at all large capacitors on the motherboard. Any that have domed tops, lean excessively or show leakage are bad. That 'bad caps' plague is not over with yet! More info on 'bad caps' at www.badcaps.net/
Also.. one critical item, the BIOS battery. It has a life of about 3~4 years, depending on use. Only a redundant backup for when no AC power enters the PSU. If weak you can loose the CMOS system settings and the real-time clock.
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Re: PC failing to load up

Post by evasive »

if the CMOS battery goes the system will usually power on and after that show no further signs of life. I am leaning towards bad capacitors inside the powersupply. the moment the video card kicks in and puts an extra load the PSU fails. That or your OS is hosed.
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