Mini ATX Computers

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Mini ATX Computers

Postby c327 » Sun Aug 21, 2016 4:24 am

I just happened to think about mini ATX type pc's. Have know of them for a long time but never went beyond that until now.

I was looking at psu's for these mini ATX cases and see that they don't have the power as full sized tower cases. Is it that these smaller case computers don't have the computing power as the full size ones have? Yet some laptops can give a desktop a fair run for for the money performance wise no ????

Ok I understand the power needed to supply the upper end graphics cards but aren't there graphics cards that do a decent job for the average users needs that don't require a huge psu? Then there is the power required to run the CPU but here again laptops run real good cpu's that apparently don't use the power as the desktops.

My last build was a Lian li ATX tower and it was pretty big in size and at the time I used all of the top quality hardware with the highest performance specs and it still was running good when I sold it but I think my new laptop would at least match the performance of the old desktop if not beat it? So why does it seem that the mini ATX computers are lacking in performance because of size when there are laptops that are way smaller than a mini ATX PC that have quite a bit of performance.

Ok I know about the size and performance of various graphics configurations but I am not talking over the top use or a case that has multi this or that and special hardware. I know of the basic benefits IMO of a case type PC over a laptop and vise versa but my main thought is very good computing performance with decent graphics as used in a smaller case desktop PC.

What would be some of the draw backs or negatives in building an Mini ATX computer.
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Re: Mini ATX Computers

Postby Mr T » Tue Sep 06, 2016 12:13 pm

Are you talking Mini ITX, if so they can be really flexible systems? You can get cases that take a full size ATX power supply and has room for a full size graphics card. Space may be tight, but cooling is set as such to take this into account. I have one set up as a SteamOS gaming machine and it works really well..
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