Sager Computer Complaint NP6659 Laptop

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Sager Computer Complaint NP6659 Laptop

Postby c327 » Tue Jan 19, 2016 4:56 am

Just want to warn anybody who is thinking of buying a new laptop from Sager Computer located in the City of Industry California. My recent experience with them was and still is horrible at best. After spending almost $1800. on a new custom high end laptop that ended up being defective and that after sending it back twice for the same thing Sager either did not want to repair it or was unable to and refused to refund all of my money back. I am very disappointed in Sager the company and caution others in doing business with them. You have other alternatives and won't be bothered by doing business with a company that does not allegedly stand behind the product they sold me. If they would do this to me they could do the same to you, and this new custom laptop is only 12 weeks old of a 3 year full factory warranty. :o

Sager tells me that they replaced the MOBO but when I ran Belarc Advisor is see that it's the same MOBO with same original installation date of when I first bought it. So they apparently flat out lied to me. Now I no longer trust them and will never do business with them ever again and I was a return customer of theirs.

Oh yes I did write the president of Sager Mr. Tony Yuan by certified letter on two occasions and have yet to get a reply from him so the problem with Sager Computer seems to start right from the top.


The latest is the computer came back with the matt screen that I did not want or agree to have put on. Also the background color still has a pinkish hue to it that I am not able to adjust out which was one of the original problems with this laptop. Now get this....Sager says they will take it back for a refund less a 15% restocking fee ?? They want me to pay for them to take back a still allegedly defective computer that they can't or are unwilling to repair properly. This computer was purchased new with a gloss screen that Sager replaced with a matt type upgraded screen according to Sager that I did not approve of regardless of it being the best thing since Swiss Cheese.
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Re: Sager Computer Complaint NP6659 Laptop

Postby AJ23ZX » Sun Nov 06, 2016 8:15 am

That is just ridiculous, but in the modern day components that are expensive are hard to replace due to the high costs. As we know it, most companies just want to save money. This can be related to Jiffy Lube and HP as well. Thanks for the warning.
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