Asus motherboard problem (p5g41c-m lx)

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Re: Asus motherboard problem (p5g41c-m lx)

Postby Karlsweldt » Thu Jan 07, 2016 12:31 pm

Memory types (DDR, DDR2, DDR3) cannot be mixed for use. Each has a different key placement on the contact strip, and also different contact count. And different voltage needs. Stay with only the identical modules in each bank. Minimum one module in the first-detected slot, 2 GB total until after Windows has fully loaded and is active.
The memory controller for most newer motherboard types is part of the CPU die, no longer part of the Northbridge chipset. The Northbridge chipset controls primary features such as device card slots and video feeds, the Southbridge chipset controls secondary features such as ports, storage drives and any 'legacy' features. Check that the memory used is the correct type and voltage rating for use with the motherboard version. Proper memory voltage is critical to precise paging, with the controller on the CPU die. Not advised to raise the CPU controller voltage to meet older memory types.. could permanently damage the CPU.
There is a sort of "guardian" built into the Windows OS that detects motherboard features, chipset version and CPU type against the last normal use. If major differences, Windows will shut down permanently or require reactivation before further use.
Best plan here is to ensure the memory is compatible to the setup and CPU/FSB needs, and a hard drive that has been cleared of any partitions be used for a test install. Go through that phase, and if good, then the problem lies elsewhere. If still the same problem, possibly the Northbridge or Southbridge has a fault.
Ensure if using an IDE drive that if a stand-alone or 'master' drive, it is on the far end of the 80-wire data ribbon.. and any jumper settings on the drive are proper. The lone end header is for the motherboard port only, the farthest one is the 'master' header, and the one nearest that is the 'slave' header. They are dependent on their placement and use. The older 40-wire data ribbons were more forgiving.. but not fully compatible with today's data access needs. ... mputing%29
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