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Postby c327 » Mon Sep 14, 2015 5:35 am

Over the recent past it seems to me that Ransomware has become more prevalent and still very damaging to Windows PC's where as it doesn't seem to be damaging to Apple PC operating systems? I have read that Ransomware originated in Russia, but where it originated isn't important to me a home PC user. What is important to me is how to protect the home used PC as best as possible. My thinking is once the creators of Ransomware realize that their work is profitable this nasty will migrate into regular PC user's browsing.

So besides using good PC user habits by not doing any risky browsing, what is the best way to protect ones PC from being infected with such a destroying nasty outside of not turning your PC on?

Now I know we have some real smart PC folks right here on this website, so besides suggesting using good software to protect the users PC which we all know or should know by now to all use can folks here be more specific in nasty software utilities that includes Ransomware protection suggestions.

Folks can no longer think, well I don't do risky browsing so Ransomware won't affect me..........wrong it can happen to anybody today it seems.

If your PC gets infected with such a nasty and you can't unlock Windows or get into Safe Mode or what ever what can one do outside of reloading the OS if that is possible ??? or by replacing the HDD.

I think this would be a good subject to have an in depth discussion on here that would include specific ways to protect against this very nasty..............nasty
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Re: Ransomware

Postby Mr T » Mon Sep 14, 2015 9:46 am

Ransom-ware won't lock you out of your PC, but will encrypt or try to certain files. M$ have done a lot of work to stop this, so it will be rare, so here are my tips:

1) Don't use Edge as a browser yet, use Firefox latest version.
2) If using Firefox, then use ad-dons, No Script is brilliant, it stops Java script executing on your system, so you have control - just be aware when using as it will stop useful things too, but gives you the choice to enable..
3) Back up important stuff always to a separate drive - external is better.
4) Password protect your windows installation.
5) Create multiple windows accounts for yourself , password or pin protected and have only ONE admin account - this really does make virus removal easy when it is in a non admin account.
6) Ensure your firewall is on and your router's firewall is on..
7) Read your emails by logging into your ISP account before downloading them to your PC. You can filter out the crap there, rather than in your email client.
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Re: Ransomware

Postby evasive » Mon Sep 14, 2015 11:55 am

There are a lot of people out there that are on the good side, they release bootable ISO files that can help you to unlock the encrypted files and remove the ransomware without having to pay the money. I know of at least one of such kits and have it on CD... And ofcourse, if you need help, go in here. If we don't know it ourselves, we know where to go next.
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