FM2 MSI Motherboard No Display ned help

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FM2 MSI Motherboard No Display ned help

Postby gil1976 » Sat Dec 06, 2014 8:51 pm

Hi guys.

I am gil from philippines. can someone give me some advice what to do with my msi motherboard. no display problem since yesterday. i change the memory already, i also change the processor and check the power supply as will, i also even tried isolating it from the casing, stil no luck.

pls. help.

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Re: FM2 MSI Motherboard No Display ned help

Postby Karlsweldt » Sun Dec 07, 2014 6:19 am

Some more details about the system.. is this a micro ATX or full size ATX board?
Is the video on-board or a device card? How old is the system?
One primary cause of no video or system response may be the dreaded "bad caps" syndrome. Look over all the larger capacitors on the motherboard. If any show domed tops, lean excessively or are leaking, they are bad. More info at
Another cause of problems could be the BIOS battery. It is only a backup for when no power enters the PSU to provide stand-by power. If weak or dead, the real-time clock may not be working.. and the motherboard circuits may not become active due to no system clock.
There is a gray wire at the back of the main ATX power plug on the motherboard. This is a "power good" or PG signal to the motherboard bus circuits to become active, after the power load stabilizes. It should be at +5 volts, measured to a black lead or bare metal shield. Use only a digital meter, as an analog one will load the signal excessively. If not at +5 volts, try using another power supply of sufficient wattage. If no system response, could be a serious problem on the motherboard.
Might be worth the time to take the system apart, check for any stray hardware that might have fallen under the motherboard and caused a short.
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