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PostPosted: Thu Nov 20, 2014 6:12 am 
Black Belt 4th Degree
Black Belt 4th Degree

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Well I am on a fence here :o and have a few questions that I want to ask regarding my future PC use here at home. I am currently still having an issue with my main PC booting that I built around 3 years ago and have reverted to my 6 year old Sager NP2096 lappy XP Pro SP3 and iPad Air for my PC use. I like the iPad for what it is but really don't like the proprietary issues that revolve around it so my future plan is to stay with Windows something.

I am waiting for Window 10 to be released and then will update the lappy with it and keep it for a secondary PC. With issues now presenting themselves again with the desktop and not knowing if I want to put any more money into it I am considering getting another Sager Lappy to use as a main PC again when Windows 10 is available and have a few questions about using it as a main home use PC.

My concerns are:

1) Leaving it on for extended periods of time?
2) Turning it on and off a few times every day as it pertains to wear and tear on the lappy over time?
3) Knowing excessive heat over time can really put the lappy in the graveyard sooner than later IMO?
4) SSD vs platter type HDD does one last longer than the other?
5) LED displays pretty much a no brainer I guess. My guess is they last longer and probably will be easier on the battery?
6) Leaving the battery out of the lappy and just run off the power supply?
7) glossy display vs a matte. I know there is glare with the glossy but I like the richer, sharper and more robust color with
the glossy display and wonder if it would be as problematic in a home use environment. My current lappy has a glossy
display and I can notice a slight glare if I look for it but not all model laptops offer a choice, so I am wondering if that
should be a deciding factor when choosing a model ?
8 I see thin laptops and some not so thin and wonder if the thin types have less performance than those that are thicker
and if one has any advantage or disadvantage over the other?
9) I realize that Sager does not make their own PC's including others like Dell, HP etc. just re badged OEM/ODM from
manufacturers like Clevo & Compal but with added hardware. My current sager Lappy is a Compal JHL90 so my
question is--- is there an OEM/ODM brand that stands out more than the other as being better or more desirable ?
10) Last but not least...why Sager? Buying HP, Dell and the likes from a box store can be had for less money maybe and
can represent good value especially when purchased around the holiday seasons but for me I had a very bad experience
with Dell the company many years ago and I swore I would never buy Dell again. I spent probably more than a few bucks,
to be exact $2000 for this lappy at Sager but I ended up with a good product and a good experience and after 6 years
still very happy so that in itself is saying something to me. So if there is a better choice I am listening.

Thats about it, suggestions and comment are as usual appreciated....Thanks

“Respect cannot be learned, purchased or acquired - it can only be earned” "Pay It Forward"

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 20, 2014 9:02 am 
Mobo-fu Master
Mobo-fu Master

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Sager is one of the better brands, more 'professional' and not considered disposable, as many others are.
As to extended operation, should not be a problem.. as long as it can dissipate excess heat. A "heat sink" pad may be worthwhile.
The hard drive in any system suffers the most rapid wear from starting and stopping. In continuous use, the longest MTBF time should be had. But with laptops, saving energy is primary.. so the hard drive cycles on and off as needed.
Best to leave the main battery in the laptop. Helps to keep the power source constant. Its charging system won't overcharge the battery.
The latest SSD drives are much better than the earliest ones.. longer life span as to read/write cycles. And the price is dropping.
LED backlight displays have more than 50,000 hours expected life with some models.
A "slim" profile of a laptop means that the innards are more cramped than a thicker unit. Might affect performance, as the battery may be smaller in amp-hour rating. But the multi-core CPU models do draw less power than earlier CPU types.
As long as your unit has a bit better of the "minimal" requirements than what Windows needs, should still be a great performer. Max out the memory, ensure other features are compliant to the OS needs.
Maybe a professional maintenance service (interior cleaning, new batteries) on the unit could give five or more years extended life.

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