"Download child"!!

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"Download child"!!

Postby Karlsweldt » Wed Oct 29, 2014 5:51 am

Overheard in conversation between two teenage girls..
"I won't be having children when I get married. They take 9 months to download". :lol: :lol:

As found at another Web site..
"The new supermarket near our house has an automatic water mister to keep the produce fresh. Just before it goes on, you hear the sound of distant thunder and the smell of fresh rain.
When you approach the milk cases, you hear cows mooing and witness the scent of fresh hay.
When you approach the egg case, you hear hens cluck and cackle and the air is filled with the pleasing aroma of bacon and eggs frying.
The veggie department features the smell of fresh buttered corn.
I don't buy toilet paper there any more". :o
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