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Postby Mr T » Fri May 23, 2014 9:48 am

chieftex wrote:Thanks so much - I had a feeling it was the Startech card, I'd been reading a lot about it.

How does it work with the port multiplier? You plug a sata cable into the startech card, and the other end into the icybox? And then the icy box has some sort of built in breakout adapter with 4 sata cables coming from it?

I'd like something like that icybox, but I'm looking for the cheaper side of things.
The 4 port box has 4 solid SATA/SATA power slots which the drives fit snugly into.. One ESATA port to the ESATA port of the PCI-e card and all the drives show up as a normally attcahed drive..

Heres one...

Mediasonic This one is very similar to my one..
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