Which Linux Distros to try before "the switch"?

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Postby BIGMAN131307 » Thu Apr 17, 2014 9:42 pm

I finally got one of those distros to boot up. So I thought. :?

Mageia 4 KDE

Gets all the way to desktop selections: location, language, keyboards, etc..

The screen shows the Nvidia logo. Then I get the message:

"Failed to wait for Plymouth Boot Screen to Quit"

What went wrong, and can I fix it?

I tried this one again. This time it loaded to desktop. :)

I was able to test out a video on my system through "Dragon Player".

Video was playing fine, but no audio. :(


Kubuntu 13.10 gets to the following message then seems to hang:

"Booting without full network configuration"

PC LinuxOS seems to load, but hangs at the load screen. :?

What went wrong with those, two and can I fix it? :)
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