Wendy's Customer Sevice Sucks

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Wendy's Customer Sevice Sucks

Postby jronald » Wed Feb 12, 2014 5:14 pm

So in an attempt to get Wendy's Attention, I posted a note on their Facebook. They chose to delete it. So in it effort to silence me, they only ticked me off!

Why is Good Customer Service, so incredibly hard to find? Posted this on the Wendy's Facebook Page. Lets see what they have to say:

Dear Wendy's
I attempted to use your website, and it did not work. So I called Customer Service 888-624-8140, spoke to a young lady named Ohannon S'Neil (Change to protect the innocent) just before 5pm Eastern. As she did not have an email address (I find that hard to believe) I asked for someone else's email, she could not provide that either. So I asked for the CEO's, and no she would not give me that one either. Im left very little choice on how to communicate with Wendy!

Below is an email I had planned to send, and keep private:

I hope this day finds you well.

I wanted to take a few moments of your time, to relate my experience with your local facility. With more than 35 years in the Retail Customer Service industry I don’t consider myself an expert in the Customer Service Field. I learn something new about Customer Service everyday I unlock the doors. As a Manager of numerous Teams, over the last 25 plus years, I find myself Teaching, Coaching and Preaching Customer Service every single time Im leading the team. This still does not make me an expert on Customer Service.

Today at 1:35 PM, I pulled onto your lot to grab a bite to eat with my son. This time was after your normal rush, but it was shortly before a significant snow event was to arrive in our area. Looking around the lot I noticed less than 12 total cars in the lot. These included the 6 in the drive through and 6 in the dining room. 12 cars total. I was tempted to go inside and place my order, but like most people enjoyed the convenience of the drive through. I made it to the order pedestal by 2:00 PM. After rolling down my window and waiting 3 or 4 minutes, I then rolled my window back up, most of the way to stop the snow and sleep from entering the vehicle. Glancing over at the clock on the radio I noted that the time was now 2:10 PM, and my order had not been taken. My son asked if we could leave and go to BK Burger, to which I apologized, and told him it would be just a few moments till they took our order. A young lady finally spoke to us and asked to take my order. It was now 2:13 PM. After giving her my order I pulled to the window and handed my Debit Card over. She scanned the card, and handed me my card and the bottles of water, ordered. Several minutes later she returned to tell me that the 2 small Chilli’s I had ordered, would not be available did I want a substitution. I replied no, just please refund me. That clearly was an issue, as they had to call a Manager back inside from her car to find out how to do the refund! Then I was told it would be a few day before the money would show up in my account! It was now 2:30, I had spent 1 hour of my afternoon and had nothing to show for it. We left Wendy’s, went exactly 2 drive ways down Madison Blvd pulled into McD Burgers, placed our order and were back on the road in 10 mins flat. As I am sure you have CCTV, I encourage you to review the footage for opportunities during my visit.

I started this email with an explanation of who I am, and what I do for a living. After all these years, I still don’t consider myself an expert on Customer Service. I do consider myself an expert on Bad Customer Service. This experience was a classic case of Horrible Customer Service. No excuses, it should not have happened and it can not continue to happen, if Wendys plans on staying in business. Im not looking for anything comped, Im not looking for a phone call, Im not really looking for a reply email. I am looking to share the experience.

Thank you,
Ron Rose

Order# 349222
Store# 00001358
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Postby evasive » Wed Feb 12, 2014 10:10 pm

Wow... Just...wow.
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Postby Karlsweldt » Thu Feb 13, 2014 9:16 am

Blame a lot of that problem on the "digital age", where computers interact with personnel and customers! Any glitch in the system, usually they need to be rebooted.. wasting up to 5 minutes! Has happened to me once or twice.. at the inside counter!
Some fault must be put on the store personnel, as 'inventory' is also part of the network interface.. and if an item or service is not available, it would be flagged within seconds of being requested.
And it is somewhat 'normal' that refunds to credit/debit cards take up to 3 days to be effected. Yet the purchase payment appears within 1 hour!
Even though 99.9% of fund transactions are electronic, it still requires a person to collate the transaction in the server records!!
Yes, in almost all instances, a manager needs to be involved with refunds or cancellations of orders.

Rare is the store that still uses an old-fashioned cash register that isn't part of "wired" computing!!
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Postby Mark H » Thu Feb 13, 2014 4:42 pm


Wendy's Corporate Office Address

The Wendy's Company
1 Dave Thomas Blvd
Dublin, OH 43017

Contact Wendy's
Phone Number: (614) 764-3100
Fax Number: (614) 764-3489
Website: http://www.wendys.com


CEO: Emil J. Brolick
CFO: Stephen E. Hare
COO: R. Scott Toop
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