Windows Activation after new build

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Postby Karlsweldt » Wed Jun 26, 2013 8:00 am

As I noted, can use the 'upgrade' OS install as a primary install.. as long as you provide proof of a previously acceptable OS version when requested. But you still may need some drivers and programming to be up to standards. An easy way is to do a basic install of the older OS, do the driver install, then do an upgrade before adding other programming, after the activation..

The only "obstacle" is that the upgrade OS will check the system for a previously installed OS version, or you present the OS install disk when requested. The 'upgrade' version is not 100% of the 'full' version, acquiring many device driver files and programming files from the previous install. Some drivers are specific to one OS version, others may be compatible to several. Best to do a complete driver update after an activation.
The best route is to do a basic install of the older OS version, bypass the activation route and do the upgrade. Ensure all motherboard drivers have been installed, as too any separate device (audio, video) ancillary drivers before the upgrade process. You can use the same parent directory for the OS, and all previous links and favorites will be preserved.

As Roach412 noted, you are the sole source of any support for this system you built. You still get support and updates from the OS provider and other device providers, but technical and physical (maintenance) support are your burden.
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