What is your ideal or wish game?

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What is your ideal or wish game?

Post by BIGMAN131307 »

Do you have a perfect game you dream about?

What kind of game is it? RPG, MMO, FPS, or some combination of them? Would it be for the PC, console, or both? Does your dream game already exist?

If so what is it, and why?

For me the "perfect game" doesn't completely exist yet. But there are many parts of it available already in various other games. If we could get these pieces together without ruining them, it could be excellent.

The game itself would have to be complete from the beginning. By complete it can't be a game stripped down so the game companies can sell lots of DLC that would be required to play the whole game. Any DLC that is offered would be fall in two categories. The first being "FREE", and the second being "EXPANSION".

The FREE DLC would be stuff that is completely optional like new guns, skins, maps, missions, etc. While the EXPANSION DLC would be for a whole new series of missions or maps. Think in terms of BF1942. They had plenty of free maps. But they also sold expansion packs.

I would like my game to have features found in some of these PC Games.

Hitman: Blood Money
Batman: Arkham Asylum
True Crime: Streets Of LA
The Godfather

various weapons
custom weapons
hiding bodies
drivable vehicles (when necessary)
quiet kills
interactive environment (buildings, people, etc)
free roam (mission modified)
free roam
character customization
custom music

I'd basically like a PC Game that plays like an action movie. Think how fun it would be Martin Riggs, or John McClain saving the day.


What about your dream game?
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