Lost P4

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Lost P4

Postby jronald » Wed Oct 31, 2012 12:04 pm

I have a hankering to build something that as yet defies convention.........

Im looking to build a P4 server of sorts, as I have plenty of crap floating around. For what its worth Im a tried and true AMD kind of fellow.

What Im thinking:
Side 1 of the machine:
I need a machine that is capable of multiple burners at the same time. I like Imageburn for what Im doing, and while the CPU used is not outrageous, burning multiple things at one time is a hog on memory. For the sake or argument 3 burners running at the same time will max out 2 gig of RAM. while doing this it is only using less than 50% of the processor, included the background of watch dog programs and XP. CPU is a 2.0 Athlon XP. Tons of IDE drives floating around so Im thinking a single 40 gig will hold the OS and the misc other crap that is needed. Run the 40 gig on the #1 IDE side of the Mobo. Have quite a bit of PC3200 floating around. Thinking about an IDE card to run 4 CD burners, with a 5th DVD RW on the #2 IDE side of the MoBo.
++So that takes care of one of my wants++

Side 2 of the machine:
I need some sort of control for multiple "large" HDDS. Currently 4 are utilized as long term storage. They are only powered when data is stored or needed, so 1 hour or so a week. I know that IDE is not going to like "loosing" HDDs, so for the time being they are via USB2.0 The data on the HDDs is important, but not in a "timely" manner, so bringing them on line can be 5mins or 50mins at this point, it really does not matter. Currently they are in housing with a simple on off switch so they can be powered up as needed. Routed into my desktop via a USB hub. Not real pretty but functional, and the fact that the "off" idle time is 1000 times as long as the on time Im happy with the arrangement.

+Would like to access this setup throughout the building so what OS (Im guessing server 200? but have NO experience with it.)
+Motherboard? Got to have PCI (not express) slots, DDR1, P4
+Im seriously considering the current setup in 1 case, 2 PS and an internal USB set up. Works and functions the same, just hidden from site.

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Postby evasive » Thu Nov 01, 2012 12:49 am

My 1/5th dime:

1) using something like VNC it doesn't matter jack what OS.
2) ebay. I guess your P4 is LGA775 or worse, socket 478. The PC3200 rating has me confused, that sounds like DDR2 not DDR memory.
3) using the back USB ports is possible as long as you leave out one of the PCI slot plates routing the USB cables back into the case.

Sidenote: PCIexpress IDE/USB controller cards do exist so if you have a LGA775 processor it _might_ be less hassle to find a board.
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Postby bdub » Thu Nov 01, 2012 4:26 am

yeah, unfortunately pc3200 is just plain old ddr1. old as the hills now, and i doubt his chip is 775 if he plans on using ddr1. definately a job for ebay.
does the cpu have pins on it, or pads?

as an amd man, myself, i'll point out that you are going back to the one architecture that amd was able to best.... netburst, or earlier.
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Postby Roach412 » Thu Nov 01, 2012 7:36 am

oh snap...haven't heard netburst in a long while. ahhh..the days of netburst.

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Postby rascard2007 » Wed Nov 07, 2012 1:07 pm

evasive wrote:The PC3200 rating has me confused, that sounds like DDR2 not DDR memory.

PC3200 RAM is DDR1 at 400 MHz

he wants also go by AMD architecture, so Socket 775 is useless
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Postby Karlsweldt » Thu Nov 08, 2012 8:56 am

Socket 478 is a "pinned" CPU type. The Socket 775 is the LGA type (land-grid array), using tiny flat contacts on the CPU, and spring-loaded pads on the socket.
As to multiple disk burning simultaneously, consider one of the models intended for that mode.. as used by realtors and advertisers. One master "read" drive, and from two to ten "burn" drives.
A 40 gig OS drive would be adequate, but not much reserve for a head end controller.. considering the OS updates and associated programs. Better to go with a 240 gig or larger.
USB 2.0 data speed is no slouch, but nowhere near that of a LAN 100 link.
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