Motherboard for amd sempron 140

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Motherboard for amd sempron 140

Postby ganeshkathayat » Thu Oct 11, 2012 11:16 am

I have amd sempron 140 processor and ddr2 ram and i want to buy chief and best board for My cpu at now. plz advice me which i can buy from market which is available in market.
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Postby kokalo » Thu Nov 22, 2012 5:39 pm

Hi There, and welcome to - sorry noone has yet answered your query.

The biggest challenge there is the fact that you want to retain DDR2 - DDR3 is more common and relatively cheap, and most CURRENT boards will use that.

If you are in US or anywhere that you can easily and cheaply have items shipped from US to, I suggest this one.

Since the CPU you have is far from super too, there is no point wasting money on anything fancier, and I have had lots of success and very little (read NONE) trouble with ASROCK boards.

The best part about that board is that it is a perfect bridge to slowly upgrade from old to new tech: It will support your AM2 CPU and DDR2, as well as perhaps an existing PATA optical or HDD, but at the same time provides you with no-additional-costs option to upgrade to AM3/AM3+ CPU, DDR3 and has 4 SATA ports (unlike some Gigabyte boards, which I loved and used a lot, but were only DDR2 and 2 SATA).

Hope this is helpful, even if late and good luck with your rebuild!

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