Advice needed with First gaming rig build

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Advice needed with First gaming rig build

Postby njclyne » Mon Jun 04, 2012 4:36 am

Hi everyone,

This is my first post as I have just joined

My name is Nick and I live in Dubai. With the recent release of Diablo 3 and many other great games coming up, I am desperate to get my hands on a sweet gaming rig.
Unlike in the USA and the UK, there are no custom PC builders out here in Dubai and it can be pretty difficult to get such a large item delivered safely or moreover in a timely fashion.
So, I guess I'm going to have to head down to "Computer Plaza" and ask the nice Indian men to help me put one together. I'm not overly cofident in their abilities or at least, their ability to configure it to run at it's very best but I'll hope for the best.

Ok so here is what I'm planning:

Chassis: Corsair 600T -Graphite/White
M/boad : Asus Z77 Deluxe OR Gigabyte Z77x UD5H
Processor: Intel i7 3770K
Graphics: Nvidia GTX 680 2GB
Optical: Pioneer Blu Ray Burner
Memory: 16GB DDR3 1600 MhZ
HDD: Seagate 1TB & 240GB SSD (Primary Drive)

Power Supply: Corsair TX850
Cooling: Corsair H80

Windows 7 Professional

No Monitor - I plan to hook it up to my Samsung 40" 1080p TV through HDMI cable.

Currently I have been quoted equivalent US$2655 at one place and then next door US$ 2355.
I plan to go back and forth and perhaps to others to get it bargained down - YES, it is that kind of place.

OK so my question is, what would you experienced guys add/subtract/change??

More fans possibly? Might I need to add a Heatsink aswell as that Corsiar H80 Fan. If so, any particular models (more the better as some may not be available here)

Any help and advice would be much appreciated.

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Postby hunter1801 » Mon Jun 04, 2012 3:42 pm

Wrong forum
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Black Belt 1st Degree
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Postby njclyne » Tue Jun 05, 2012 1:09 am

Sorry about that.

So for gaming do you guys think that I should go for i5 or i7?

Do you think it's worth getting higher than 2600k?

Thinking of getting Cooler Master HAF 932 if I can find it
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