New Build Going in.

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New Build Going in.

Postby Pitbull#2 » Wed Jul 13, 2011 10:49 am

Hey Guys I am Building a new rig.. Going to Build a Buldozer setup. BUT untill they come out i will build and use my old system spec and adda few New Mods.

Intel 980X
MSI Big bang X-power mobo
6 gb Of Gskill Rip Jaws 1600
PowerColor 6970 PCS+
300gb Veloceraptor as back up
3 Momentus XT In Raid 5
LSI Mega raid card 9260-4i
Cooler master HAF Advanced case

WHAT ID LIKE to Build.if they ever come

the Highest end Dozer CPU they will make and depending on if they sponsor the build or Not. Either Gskill Sniper Ram or If they Do Ill go with the Gskill Rip Jaws in match the system and setup.

NOW here is the kicker

I am planning on useing a XPSC Rasa RX360 set up for my Loop
If Asetek gets back with me I might use the New Dbl Rad setup that they are coming out with Its a all in one System but is saposed to rival some loops we will see.

If that happens I will Order a Side case window for it and have it eteched witht he Asetek Logo on it. Im replaceing all of the lights in the case with Blue to go with colors of the Company.
If that goes through they my Sponsor my Build..we will see.

In teh mean time i am useing alot of those parts and My Older Asetek Waterchill External Kit. which still works great.

so Guys any Ideas / Options? toss out your ideas and what do u think.

PLUS I will be selling Most of siad parts in the NEAR future when i build the other setup. which will be the 980X RAM MOBO and a TB hd.Ill keep u all posted.
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