Any Mac users out there

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Any Mac users out there

Postby armymom » Tue Feb 08, 2011 9:32 am

( I have a G3 Power mac)

CPU Power PC 750 2.2

CPU speed 500 MHz

Memory 512

Bus speed 100 MHz

What I need to know is can you install and set up a wireless card on this mechine, if so how is this done? The wireless card I have is (Sabrent Wireless-N 802.11N PCI with high speed compatible with OS 7 OS Vista and Mac OS X which is what my mac has on it is Panther OS X. Any help with this would be so appriecated..

Thank you

Giz :D
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Postby Mr T » Tue Feb 08, 2011 9:39 am

Yes, it should work, just make sure it is compatible with Panther - use the card manufacturers website... If not update the OS... You should be able to go up to Leopard on that...
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