ATA Security (disk password) access in desktop BIOS?

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ATA Security (disk password) access in desktop BIOS?

Postby ataboy » Thu Feb 03, 2011 1:44 pm

I'd like to use the locking mechanism onboard modern HDD. Most of them can require a password to unlock the drive after it has been powered on.

On laptop this feature is very frequently available, in addition of the other protections that can be also provided: Power on password to start the POST process, BIOS password to change the BIOS configuration.

I'm looking for a desktop motherboard that supports this feature, but I can't find one. For example my preferred is the Asus P8P67. The user manual doesn't mention HDD passwords (only BIOS password).

Can someone point me to a mobo reference with a sandy bridge / LGA 1155 socket that has this feature? Thanks.
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