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System Tool 2011 HELP PLEASE

Postby ranger16701columbus » Wed Feb 02, 2011 9:31 am

Hi All,
Unfortunately, I picked up Systemtool2011 virus or malware recently and have a computer issue left over...or maybe a few of them. i was attempting to download the Pittsburgh Steelers 2011 Fight song from you tube and convert it to an mp3 file. I found a web site that said it could covert it without installing it on my would require me dragging and dropping the url onto their converter and then once it was converted I could simplty open the link and download the mp3 song. That seemed to work ok but then to my dismay, I had system tool 2011 on my computer.
I went to another computer and did what it said...I already had malwarebytes installed so I ran that and i think i got rid of the stupid thing. However, here is my problem. After running malwarebytes and doing (deleting) what it told me to, then i had to delete the icon that system tool 2011 left on my desk top. Then, when i restarted my computer to "complete the deletion process", I started getting two RUNDLL error messages....error loading ......the specified module could not be found. The first dll that it pointed to was C:\WINDOWS\iramojokesiyovup.dll. I actually found that in my msconfig file under startup and disabled it and now that keeps it from popping up the error message each time i start my computer. The second RUNDLL error message points to C:\WINDOWS\chfpel.dll and it is still popping up and i have no clue what it refers to. I figured the first one above that I disabled in startup was a hoax as I have never heard of a dll like that...and it has "jokes" in it's name. And as I said, I have no clue what the other one is and whether or not either of the two are needed or were just installed as part of the system tool 2011.
What I have noticed is that I am having a time with the operations of my computer now. It is slower when it first starts, and clicking on my yahoo email account takes a lot longer time loading. And when I click on my inbox or for that matter a lot of applications, it just has slowed down quite dramatically from when before I had this crap on my computer. I cannot even hit "reply" on my email and get into the "reply" mode says "loading" and then just goes back to my inbox email. Something is not kosher in Denmark and i have no idea what it is. Can anyone help me and do I need those Dll's and if so, where and how do I restore them? I really do not want to have to re-install everything from scratch again! Thanks, once again, for all your help!
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Postby Mr T » Wed Feb 02, 2011 11:48 am

Try this I posted on another forum....

Download, install and update Malwarebytes Antimalware and MS Security Essentials - both can be found on

Remove AVG - these days, AVG, AVAST and other such free antivuruses have become almost useless, apart from the M$ Security Essentials...

If you each have separate accounts, boot into the administrative one and set the wife's account to Standard or General User... If hers is the Administrative one, set another account as Administrator and do the above to hers...

Boot into SAFE MODE and run Malwarebytes... Remove any nasties, and note where they are so you can manually delete if you have too.

Reboot back into the Administrative account and run the M$ product, again it will automatically remove the nasty...

Now with this nasty, Malwarebytes doesn't always remove it, but shows where it is, note this down and go to folder options and show hidden folders, then navigate to it to delete it...

Also download and run Crap Cleaner to clear up traces and run the repair tool...

Have found this to work 99% of the time and takes the time to download the anti viral products, install and update and the time to run them (20 minutes tops), compared to a reinstall with backup..

TIP: I tell this to everyone who gets an attack like this... Always set an account as Administrator that is password protected. Set all other accounts to Standard or General User. Only use the Administrative account as that, for updating the operating system and installing known good virus free programs. Most, if not all M$ viruses exploit the fact that most users do not do this, so it allows the exploit to affect the whole OS using Administrative privileges. However if it affects a non admin account, the buck in most cases 'stops there'.
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Postby evasive » Thu Feb 03, 2011 4:55 am

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