Mexico's Calderon

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Mexico's Calderon

Postby c327 » Fri May 21, 2010 12:26 am

I read with interest about Mexico's President Calderon visit to the US and what he had to say about guns going into Mexico.

He didn't say to much about the 13 some odd million illegal Mexicans that have come across the border that took up residence here nor did he have much to say about the burden this has had on the taxpayers here.

As a result of all these illegal Mexicans here in the United States, the United States should tax Mexico and send them the bill for what all these illegal Mexicans have cost the American people.

Oh yeah, he forgot to mention all the drugs that are coming into the United States from his country.

As far as immigration laws go, we can't even enforce the ones we already have.

This guy Calderon must be Mexico's version of a Democrat. ... n-control/ ... o-u-s/834/
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Postby skippyboy » Sat May 22, 2010 2:57 pm

Very touchy subject. If they had it there way the borders would be completely open and the main reason Calderon came was because of Arizona's new immigration law. Which follows federal law but give power to the state and local police to enforce and run background checks on possible illegals. Something the feds should be doing but will not because of the unreported tax revenue. Calderon is scared because some states may or will follow suit not to mention the influx of U.S. dollars pumped into there economy may come to a halt. Even our government knows that most emigrants legal or not do not keep or invest there money here in the states. Which is a drain on our infrastructure. Immigration is out of hand anyhow. Watch this ... 393887069# and you will understand why something needs to be done. And the Government wants amnesty for illegals. Than what? We just can't keep letting everybody in. For the most part they only want the money and could give a rats fart about the U.S. anyhow.

OK granted my wife is working in the United Kingdom and working on her citizenship there, but her Mother is Scottish. My wife always wanted to live there from her visits when she was a child. But let her, the kids or me get pulled over with out our passports or paperwork there its jail city for a couple weeks and or maybe a fine. Not to mention she is spending and saving the bulk of our money there. Plus we have been very respectful of the laws and new neighbors. Here in the States we just slap them on the wrist say bad person, don't do it again, and just ship them back from were they came from on tax payers dollars. Yup only in America.
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Postby thomas_w_bowman » Tue Jun 01, 2010 9:20 am

No, Mexico does NOT want borders to be completely open - but more like 'one-way' into the USA (Mexican law is much harsher than USA law regarding illegal immigration, if we applied those laws it would be a very hostile environment for illegals in the USA).

The unreported tax revenue is no match for the extra cost of education, welfare (especially medical, and that especially for 'Anchor' babies) and Law Enforcement (especially as Mexican Drug Cartels invade). Penaltys for theft, rape and Murder tend to simply be 'deportation', and border patrol is discouraged from shooting back if shot upon...

A Daughter of mine married a Mexican, who just got his papers to come to USA legally. That's the point, we need to be able to check backgrounds and use an orderly legal process.

My mother immigrated from Guatemala (legally), and knew more about how the USA Government works than most High School grads (she also got a Degree from CU major in Engligh, minor in French, Summa Cum Laude).
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