"Net Neutrality"

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"Net Neutrality"

Post by thomas_w_bowman »

(Decided this might be 'too hot' for Watercooler...)

Illustration from following link ( 0th Edition):


AKA Censorship and/or pricing... those looking for this need to consider what that could mean if different Party is voted in later... But so far, the Courts are staying sensible about it. They allow some penalties for Porn made availible to kids or Child Porn, stuff like that...but it's also about assuring that the highest price charged is what everyone pays (thanks COMCAST):

Court to FCC: You can't enforce Net neutrality
'You have yet to identify a specific statute'
http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2010/0 ... eutrality/
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Post by evasive »

meh, we'll all be using googlenet in 5 years anyway, who needs neutrality now...
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Post by fussnfeathers »

I'd honestly like to see price neutrality. I think it's pretty unfair that I pay the same here for 3.3Mbs that I did a few hours south for three times the speed. Even locally, I'm actually getting a better deal, it costs 50% more for cable, that only has a 10% speed increase. Pricing is all over the place. And yeah......check the prices on FiOS. Triple here what it is in NY State, just across the border.

But yeah......won't be all that long before Internet is just tossed in with your TV or phone service as an incentive. Look at texting, not all that long ago is was $5 for 20 text messages, now you've got unlimited at no charge at all. That's actually going to be the downfall of Western civilisation.
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