Media In Obama's Back Pocket

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Media In Obama's Back Pocket

Post by Spark »

Along with a few other members of the media. CNN is the worst of the worst when it comes to biased spin.

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Post by CivilDissent »

The media have been in liberals back pockets for a long time....and the reason has nothing to do with rights.

Money is what it is all about. As much as liberals complain about Republicans and money, liberals control, and want to control, most of it.

The media do not report things because they are correct, or the right thing to do but, instead, based on what will bring a bigger sale of articles and, therefore, a fill the cash registers more.

I challenge reporters, newspapers, etc. to work for minimum wage and I guarantee you that media driven job applicant numbers would plummet.

I also challenge reporters, and the like, to prove what they say/write. Problem is most people believe anything that comes out of a reporters mouth or is written in a magazine/newspaper.
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Post by thomas_w_bowman »

True, CNN is biased, but PBS is full of programs about what wretched racists 'we' are - plenty of those programs are not in English either.
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