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PostPosted: Mon Jul 06, 2009 12:02 pm    Post subject: .:: Case Mod Tutorial::. Custom Acrylic & Mesh Case Wind Reply with quote

Case Mod Guide by

Plexi window w/ Modders Mesh or Perforated Steel inlay

Bulldog image was waterjet in the side panel cut by

Supplies & Links
1/8" Clear Acrylic Window Sheet
ModdersMesh 12" x 12" (2, sheets)
Clearcoat (Laquer, Enamel or Polyurethane) or Paint it.
SCOTCH brand Clear Heavy Duty Mounting tape #4010
Filtered Respirator mask
Lacquer Thinner
Rubber Gloves

Exacto knife
Jigsaw w/ metal cutting blade
Hand file

Plain steel should a good coating of oil to prevent oxidation. We need to remove oil/dirt before clearcoating or painting.

Mask on

Fold and soak portion of rag with Laquer Thinner.

Check Modders Mesh after wiping for threads from rag before applying Clearcoat. If you can, blow out holes of any dirt w/compressed air. (Can of compressed air works good)

I'll be cutting 2, 12" x 12" windows from these 1/8" Clear Acrylic Window Sheet

I taped 2, 24" x 24" plexi sheets together (around edge) so I can cut both at sametime.

I apply masking tape to outline cut and make scratch resistant pathway for jigsaw base.

Jigsaw: I'll use a metal cutting blade (18 - 20 TPI)

Go slowwww. Too fast, the plexi will melt and bond back together.

Once window is cut. Finish of any rough edges with fine cut hand file or sandpaper

Mounting Plexi & Modders Mesh

Super strength adhesion. Used for mounting windows in computer cases.

Scotch HD Clear tape is very sticky. Imagine trying to cut strands of chewed gum with Scissors.. What works best is gently apply tape to scrap piece of steel or alum, cut w/ Exacto and peel it off.

12" strand

Cutting 4, 1/4" x 12" strips for window edges. You'll do this step 2 more times so you have 12, strips for installation

Peel it off

Apply to 1st piece of Plexiglass (remember we cut two 12" x 12" pieces)

Apply small pieces to inner sections of window.

Use Exacto Knife to coax red backing to peel

All of your tape is exposed and ready for mounting. Line up your window and apply in place.

I'll use clean cotton towel or t-shirt as I hand press window in place. Avoid ugly finger prints!

Our window is in place. Now apply the 4 additional 1/4" x 12" strips of 3M clear tape


Remember we cut 2, 12" x 12" sheets of plexi. Again, I've applied 1/4" wide strands of 3M tape to edges

Drop your Modders Mesh sheet onto 2nd plexiglass window

Press it on hard

Apply to panel window

Grab your towel again and press firmly around window edges.

Admire your clean work!

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