Overclocked CPU's, estimated life??? say E6400 at 3ghz??

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Overclocked CPU's, estimated life??? say E6400 at 3ghz??

Postby curtains » Sun Mar 11, 2007 6:34 am

ok so wats a Overclocked CPU's, estimated life??? say E6400 at 3ghz?

or if u want to take extream overclocking a E6400 at 3.8ghz (this is for example)so pretty much overclocked to the max while still stable how long do u think they'll last before they jst die(years,months,days?)?

so jst generally 2 questions kinda

1. ok so wats a Overclocked CPU's, estimated life for a modirate overclock say a E6400 at 3ghz

2. and second a Overclocked CPU's, estimated life for a extreame overclock max until unstable say somewhere between 3.4ghz-3.8ghz(depending on ur cpu)
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Postby Rabidwerewolf » Wed Jun 06, 2007 4:11 am

I don't have any particular experience with overclocking Intel dual core systems, but I do know I've had my socket 754 AMD Athlon64 3000+ overclocked from 2.0 ghz factory speed to 2.35 ghz for almost 3 years now with no problems cooling with just air on a stock heat sink and fan.

I have a buddy locally that has a E6300 system, and he games a good bit along with alot of media work. He is just one of these guys that likes to see what he can get out of his box, and he has that E6300, which is stock 1.86 ghz I believe, up to 2.5 ghz. He built his machine in August of last year so that is almost a year. I do know he is just using air cooling, but I'm not sure what heat sink and fan. His motherboard is an ASUS P5W DH Deluxe. Not sure about his psu and ram though.

edit: Hit submit button to quickly. Meant to add that, and you probably know this, heat and too much moisture is the enemy to the fuctioning of computer components as well as their life expectancy. In that regards, a case that promotes good airflow to and around your cpu and motherboard and a good cooling system for your cpu whether that be air or a liquid set up to remove said heat.....will increase its performance potential as well as its lifespan.
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Postby YouGiveMeRash!!! » Sun Aug 05, 2007 6:44 pm

Generally, an OC @ 3ghz which you can obtain at stock voltage will not affect the "usable" life of the CPU. It should last for many years to come, at least until your next upgrade. It could die, but the chance is far slimmer than when you start bumping up voltage past 10%

Maxing out the OC @ 3.8ghz+ on mediocre cooling, you can never really put a number on. It could go hours, days, months, years... There is no telling when you're pushing the boundaries. If you keep it really cool though, it should theoretically last longer.

Dual cores and quad cores are fairly new, so there's no estimate you can really put on it right now with a max overclock. Under the integrated heatspreader of the CPU and the CPU die, the cores are close together and one core is put to use more than another. One core could fail while the rest remain fine.

I think we'll be seeing far more quad cores failing then dual cores and single cores as time goes on. Let's just hope they keep shrinking the process!

I've only had one processor fail out of about 10 processors I've overclocked. I had a 3700+ san diego 754 die on me at a small overclock at low temps around 35 degrees C at load(I blame the 1mb cache as opposed to 512k of the newcastle!), but I've had others which have maxed out for years. By far my favorite was a P4 2.26b I had. It OC'ed to 3.6ghz on water. I was pumping lots of voltage, but it never failed on me.

So, it's really a toss up when you max out the CPU. You just have to pray it keeps running. :lol:

PS> I like adding info to old posts. :D Wonder if curtain's CPU ever died on him.
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