Medium cost Multimedia PC recommendations

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Medium cost Multimedia PC recommendations

Postby monkey100 » Fri Aug 11, 2006 7:31 am

I need to replace our old family PC (home built Athlon 800, W2K) and would like to build a Windows Media PC. It will be in a seperate room next door to the "Media room" so noise is not a huge problem.
I'll probably re-use my existing mini ATX case but I would consider a smaller case.
Right now I am looking for MB recommendations but I'd certainly appreciate Video / Tuner / sound card input. I'm assuming I'll need add on video cards to get the quality I want so I am looking for a good MB without a lot of video or sound onboard, but maybe I am wrong. I haven't built a system for several years so I am out of the loop.
Mostly I am hoping to be able to record from my cable box or possibly replace it with this system and to be able to display Web / PC content on my HD system and 6.1 surround. Nothing fancy.
Thanks in adavnce!
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