Why don't my case fans start?

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Why don't my case fans start?

Postby Wizard4169 » Tue Oct 25, 2005 4:38 am

Finally got my new system up and running. Unlike the last one, this one seems fairly stable, but I do have one odd little issue. When I turn on the computer, two of the case fans don't start.
I'm using a Thermaltake Armor case (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16811133154). I'm using the case fans that came with the case. The 90's at the back and top work just fine, but the 120's at the front and back light up, but don't spin. All four fans are connected to the "Fan only" cable from the Antec Neopower (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16811133154), and the 120's are connected to the mobo chassis fan sockets (single wire for monitoring, not power). If I give the fans a little tap, they start to spin and run normally. They just won't start on their own.
Any idea what's up with this?
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Postby Tulatin » Wed Oct 26, 2005 12:25 pm

unscrew the fans and see if they start on their own. If they don't at this point, then the possibility of something caught in the fan is ruled out. At this point you should make sure the wires are soldered to the fan's PCB properly, and that the fan is getting the full 12v. Beyond this, mayhap dead fans
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