Automatic logon?

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Automatic logon?

Postby atang1 » Thu Oct 17, 2002 1:39 am

Apparently, when you login on one computer, a cookie is set. But if you logon by another computer, the server will delete the automatic login it remembered. So, we have to login again, if we change computers.

Is there an advantage to be able to login on any of your computers and have automatic login? MoboCop has very sophiscated middleware, that knows what we are doing?

On the other hand, many of us will be caught as registered users instead of guests?

Postby Toby B. » Thu Oct 17, 2002 3:42 am

I recently had the same or very similar question. The answer to this is:

1) if you still have access to the password on your pc that you normally visit this site from. Remember the password then go to the other pc an log in with you password and check the box log me in on each visit. You should then be able to go from pc to pc and have access to the forums (unless the cookies are cleared).

2) When you go to log in from the second PC hit the lost password and get a new one, activate it, and the log in clicking the log me in on each visit box. and do the same process on the first pc. You will have to have the same password on each pc.....

Toby B.
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Postby MoboCop » Thu Oct 17, 2002 9:59 am

I use auto login on two seperate computers. no problem.

Use auto login how you is their to make it more convienant for you.
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