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Postby Zero » Fri Oct 11, 2002 8:42 pm

effika wrote:Massively Multiplayer but an RPG, yep. :)
im waiting for eve heard it even better...
ya i know i suck at typing
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Postby Mathwei » Sun Oct 13, 2002 1:36 pm

I have ADD as well, guess since I love RPG's so much, it's something I can usually concentrate on long enough to solve some of them. I admit, it is VERY difficult with all the reading and remembering different quests/people. Neverwinter Nights has a good Journal to keep track of everything, where as Morrowind: The Elder Scrolls...the journal is more confusing for me. Still love Morrowind though.

Now, on to the games! Max Payne is much enjoyment. Grand Theft Auto III is a very open game. GTA: Vice City is coming out this month though, so I'd wait for that. I still play a Half-Life modification called Day of Defeat, an online team based WWII shooter. Very nice! I also still play Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. It's mindless killing fun.
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Postby EvLwMn » Sun Oct 13, 2002 5:30 pm

UT2k3 is fun. So is Nethack. And for some reason I still like to play Abuse. I think it's fun.
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Postby Hardware Junkie » Sun Oct 13, 2002 5:56 pm

Yeah i am bored with games these days too...I played Diablo until shortly after board of wacking things to death....

I like Operationg Flash Point Resistance alot, but its more of a multiplayer LAN player game....the missions are fun, but eventually you get bored of them aswell.
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Postby gamepyrate » Sun Oct 13, 2002 6:19 pm

Great single FPS games are the Rainbow Six series. There is a lot of planning involved, but it's pretty intense.

I've been playing Paddle War in Commander Keen 5 a lot, and recently I found and that has replaced Paddle War. Also Hackey the Racoon is cool.
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Postby some_random_guy » Mon Oct 14, 2002 3:03 pm

i think the rpg with the best story line ever would be Final Fantasy 7. Kicked ass in my opinion. Another fun game that took forever was final fantasy tactics.
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Postby twixel » Mon Oct 14, 2002 5:06 pm

If I was to recommend a game right now it would have to be unreal 2003, its one of those game's that the more you play it the more you enjoy it and appreciate it. Go on the server's using the instagib mutator and youll have fun like youve never had before :D

If you are looking for a game and you havent got Deus ex then get it it's only £10 over here and I can safely say it's in the top 3 best game's of all time and the story is excellent. I have never been as excited playing a game as I was toward's the end of Deus ex and the way the game change's depending on what you do is really an incredible achievement. It has element's of all game genre's including role playing and pull's it off really well.
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Postby TremousOLyryus » Tue Oct 15, 2002 5:51 am

Hey guys, just thought I would envite all of you all to post in my section on here, and look at the current posts on MUD's. I personally have been playing MUD's for 6 years now, and am so addicted it isnt funny. And they hardly ever get old too. for a great MUD. If you get started with no problem, send Tremous a tell or message (thats me)
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Postby wagner017 » Wed Oct 16, 2002 6:20 am

No one Lives Forever 2, Madeen 2003 (some bugs), Battlefield 1942 and Command and Conquer Renegade. These are all pretty good games.
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Postby paramufay » Wed Oct 16, 2002 1:44 pm

I like internet chess (yahoo)
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