Copy-Proof CD's Cracked!

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Postby Punker » Tue Sep 03, 2002 9:52 am

the music industry right now sucks. no wonder they are bitching about loss sales. all these artist are singing the same, dancing the same and looking stupider every second. they all think they got their own style yet it all sounds the same. no wonder people download mp3s off the net. also its not going to stop yer mate lending their cd to you..

i download mp3s because i would like to hear them first and i personally like hearing the unknown bands overseas. cos its basically hasnt hit it big and prefer it that way. but if i like the band a lot. i ultimately buy the c.d. BIG COMPANIES CAN KISS MY ARSE AS FAR AS I KNOW.

you know what. these companies sign away their license allowing them to monitor us. that sucks. yeh we have say in that. if we use this program we are signing our privacy away as well. there must be loop hole in here somewhere cos thats all bs.

the honest joes are the ones hurting and it sucks heaps
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Postby gandharva » Fri Sep 13, 2002 9:10 am

This topic is responsible for my joining this forum. I don't believe in stealing, but I see nothing wrong with sampling a product before buying. I don't think it should necessarily be part of the "American way" that we should have to rely solely on the hype surrounding a product only to find we've been screwed upon opening the package.

How many times have you bought software and found it didn't do what you wanted it to?
How many times have you bought CD's for one or two songs and the rest was crap?

I'm a musician and perhaps as a result of that have fairly strong opinions on the subject of music. I also admit to being a bit of a musical snob. Not that the artists I listen to are inherently better. It's more that I think I'm more discriminating than the average person. As a result I want to make sure that every CD I buy (and artist that I support) are worth it. But then I don't see the point of buying the latest Brittany Spears or Celine Dion (sp?) CD when I can turn on the radio and hear more of it than I really care to already.

If I were to copy a Brittany Spears CD I wouldn't feel the slightest bit bad. If I were to copy a CD by my favorite obscure band from Germany I would definitely feel I were doing something wrong. Obviously it's okay to make copies for my own use though if I've paid full price for the artist's officially sanctioned product (obvious to me anyway).

I think these artists that do complain about copying hurting them are either being paid to do so by their record companies, or are financially hurting out of their own mismanagement or something. Why? I'll tell you.....

A few years ago I read an article in Guitar Player magazine (I think) that analyzed the music business. It was really eye opening. Basically it gave an example of a band just starting out. This imaginary band sold 500,000 copies of their CD @ $16 each. That's 8 million bucks. Sounds like a lot doesn't it? How much did the band actually receive? Each of 5 members plus the manager got $20,000. Furthermore this did not cover the cost of their video which had to come out of their pockets. At the time a cheap, cheesy video ran about $30,000, while a more standard quality video cost about $75,000. In many cases these artists end up owing money to the record companies. So when you hear these recording industry execs crying crodile tears about intellectual property rights tell them to stick a sock in it. As if they are really concerned about the artists rights.....

Remember when the Eagles did their Hell Freezes Over tour? That year they were the highest grossing musical act in the country. How did they do that without recording any new material?

Merchandising and ticket sales. The percentages they take from these two items is far higher than for CD sales (I'm thinking over 50%, but I can't remember). So you would hurt your favorite artists far more by making your own T-shirts and selling them in the parking lot.

There are many bands out there that could have retired many times over by doing extensive touring and their recordings were almost an afterthought. A prime example is Phish.

The band Rush have produced very polished studio efforts with fairly decent sales, but what put them in the top 5 grossing acts (for at least one year - right next to Neil Diamond) was touring and sales of associated merchandise.

Also keep in mind that many of the most popular artists that are currently being crammed down our collective throat don't even write their own material. Doesn't the record company own those copyrights? Whatever....

Out of $8 million, where does the $7.5 million go after you give band their $120,000 (and after you deduct the $380,000 for recording studio costs, etc.)???

CDs could be a LOT cheaper....


P.S. Oh yeah - I have been puttering around with computers for about 10 years now. Just built a couple of Athlon XP systems. Looking forward to reading more technical insights from all the gurus in this forum!
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Postby Johnny Mnemonic » Fri Sep 13, 2002 10:35 am

To sum up, the big fat pigs are crying because their boom is going bust. And the artists and fans have to pay more to keep the cash cow in the pasture.
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Postby Comp_parter » Wed Sep 18, 2002 3:20 am

Hmm. I'll keep it short and sweet. Copying music cd's is wrong.

Do I engage in such activites? Call me a thief! :D

Has the music industry ever taken advantage of muscians?

Sure, they have. Call them thieves as well :!:

Does two wrongs make a right? Nope!!!!!

Will I continue to burn music CD's? YEP!!!!!!

Will the music industry continue to take advantage of muscians? YEP!!!

Will this cycle ever end? NOPE!!

That's all folks.....
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Postby twixel » Wed Sep 18, 2002 9:07 pm

Just in case anybody's interested audiogalaxy has started up again only this time it's legal :D but it'll cost you $9.95 a month :cry: but you get to listen to load's of different album's and im sure through time there will be lot's more. You can download the new software from:

You could use it for free up to the 15th. I found it quite good because there were a few cd's that I was going to buy but changed my mind when I actually listened to them.
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Here are my thoughts on the issue

Postby jilverthor » Wed Oct 23, 2002 12:10 am

Is it wrong to download music and then resell it, yes.

Is it wrong to download music for yourself, yes.

Are recording execs greedy, yes.

Does this change things at all, no.

Have I ever been kept from buying a cd because I have a downloaded copy of the song, no.

Would I buy most of the songs that I might download, no.

Has the recording industy lost any money from me because I downloaded a song, no.

Just my thoughts, often I will get a song that I remember hearing on the radio years before or just want to hear for a bit. If I had to buy the CD to listen to it would I, not a chance so what do they care if I download it. Then again I am not all that big of a music person so I could care less about whether I am listening to the songs I want, or not listening to music.
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