BIOS Toast? or invisible?

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BIOS Toast? or invisible?

Postby Golo » Thu Aug 22, 2002 2:57 pm

I just purchase a brand new Gigabyte GA-7VRXP, and of course the RAID doesn't work, it doesn't really seem to work for anyone. So I decided to update the BIOS to the latest version. While working in failsafe mode I updated the BIOS, and it seemed to work fine on the first couple of restarts. Then I changed some settings, including switching the VGA to PCI. When I restarted I got nothing. Blank Screen. I tried flying blind, but I can't seem to get anything work. However, my BIOS setting for Soft Switch is still active which leads me to believe that my BIOS is still intact, just invisible-like. What do I do??

Postby Denniss » Thu Aug 22, 2002 5:17 pm

Clear CMOS !!
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