The Battle of the Storage Set-up

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The Battle of the Storage Set-up

Postby Juker008 » Fri Jul 12, 2002 10:33 pm

Have a summary and report done on the benefits of the two controversial HD set-ups: RAID vs. SCSI.

Have a battle between a RAID set-up consisting of a RAID mobo, 3 Seagate Barracuda III ATA 100/133 HDs, and any nessary cables or possible controler cards. All running in RAID 0/1 set-up.


The same mobo w/ a Seagate 15K SCSI Ultra 160 HD, the required aftermaket SCSI card controler rated at 160Mbs, and the seperatly purchased cables.

The showdown will consist of the benifits of using either or... in terms of performance, reliability, flexibility, and the ability to expand. The cost of each set-up should also be a great determining factor. And most of all what would be the best set-up for a gamer or a server.

I along of a half other friends would really like to see the outcome of that showdown. Frankly we are tired of arguing with each other on with is better. Half says that the RAID set-up offers protection and more HD space (due to the extra HDs), while the others say that the RAID set-up doesn't dish out the Megs of info a sec that the SCSI drives do. So I would love it if u guys did a whole please a WHOLE STORY, on just this. With a story it will resolve any questionable answers that anyone might have and settle everything once and for all.

Thank You, and looking forward to the story :D .

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Postby » Wed Jul 17, 2002 10:28 am

My personal preference for servers is a hybred. I use a 3 channel SCSI card, Channel 1 is set up with RAID 1 (disk mirroring) 2 disk for OS and program files, Channel 2 is attached to 6 bank hot swap RAID Cage with 5 of the disk being configured with RAID 5 (disk stripping with paraity) and 1 being hot/live in case one of them fails for all the data files, and Channel 3 is RAID 0 (disk stripping no paraity) 3 disk stripped for page files and print queues.
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