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Postby Connely » Thu May 16, 2002 11:34 am

Please ca someone help me. I posted this yesterday but to no avail. I downloade IE6 from a web site but Im having problems with it, I cant download, now all I want to do is to get rid of but theres no uninstall, Ive tried the usual ways C:\ CONTROLL PANELL\ ADD REMOVE PROGRAMES\ REPAIR it wont repair, I keep getting a window IE6 AND TOOLS WERENT COMPLETED SUCCESFULLY . Ive also tried reinstalling it but I get the same message Please can you help I just want my old IE5.5 back. My OS is win 98se. Any suggestions .
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Postby lyzar » Thu May 16, 2002 12:25 pm

find one of those earthlink or any other isp install disks with IE5 on it and install over IE

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Postby Ardynas » Thu May 16, 2002 1:43 pm

Or... from the add/remove programs in the control panel. Select Internet Explorer and when the options come up, choose revert back to previous version. That should take you back to before you started your IE 6 installation. Hope this helps... 8)
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Postby shovel204 » Thu May 16, 2002 8:16 pm
Removes all versions of Internet Explorer from all versions of Windows 9x in 8 different languages.
They state it will not work with either XP or W2K
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