Ideal system.

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Ideal system.

Postby AstroLab » Thu Jul 04, 2002 4:14 am

Just to have an idea for my future system... (i'm too poor nowadays :lol: )
Ideal system :
Motherboard :
Processor :
Video Card :
Coolers :
Sound Card :
CD-Rw :
DVD-Rom :
DVD-Rw :
OS :
Hard Disk/s :
Mouse :
Keyboard :
Case :
Everything else ( :o ) :
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Postby len444 » Sat Jul 06, 2002 8:48 am

Ideal system

this is subjective, and dependant on variables choosen. perhaps you should say 'ultimate system', or is it the best performance for the money spent, as you are poor at the moment (prob more realistic, though dreaming can't hurt)?!? perhaps clarify for recommendations.
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Black Belt 3rd Degree
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