Soyo Ultra ... USB 2.0??

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Soyo Ultra ... USB 2.0??

Postby billpro » Wed May 15, 2002 6:39 pm

I'm thinking of buying the Soyo SY-P4S Dragon Ultra board. While researching the board I came accross a review that reported the following quote...."The labelling "USB 2.0" is confusing, though, as the controller does not support this new standard. However, the cables and the connector module do." quote from Toms My question....does this board support usb 2.0 standard and will hardware requireing the usb 2.0 standard work with this board, or do i need some other hardware to make usb 2.0 equipment work?

Postby Reader » Thu May 16, 2002 4:32 am

The board does not support USB 2.0 according to the reviews I've read.

Perhaps the wiring issues are manufacturing preparations for implementing the new transceiver modules in future upgrades.
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